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September 6th HOA Board Meeting Agenda

Rosemont Pointe HOA

Board Meeting Agenda

September 6th 2017 7pm

1. Call to Order
2. Report on Quorum
3. Approval of previous minutes
4. Financial Review
5. 2018 Draft Budget
6. Committee reports
    a. Landscape
    b. Communications
    c. Noise/Dog Barking
    d. Pool
7. New Business
    a. 2017 Goals
    b. 2018 Goals
    c. Contract signings with proper authority
    d. ARC Appeal        
    e. ARC approval documentation
    f. Fireworks as an official association activity
    g. Finish charters for all committees 
    h. Association capability to create secured websites
    i. Pool rules
8. Executive session 
    a. Fibersphere contract
    b. Management Trust Contract


1. Who built the homes?

Renaissance Homes - located in Lake Oswego

2. Can we get a copy of the plans for the home?

No - Renaissance Homes has proprietary interest in keeping the plans for themselves and will not release them.

3. What is unique about the neighborhood?

It was built with high-speed fiber optic internet service. Depending on when your home was built, you may have outlets for both phone and internet in most of the rooms in the house. Later homes were built with fewer outlets, anticipating wireless access.

4. What problems with the internet can I anticipate.

In general it is very reliable. Some problems have occurred when the routers failed. They are (and always were) the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and replace.

5. Who do I call about getting hooked up - or later issues?

Fibersphere Communications - See Phone list

6. Why do I see water coming from an opening at the curb during the rainy season?

Some homes are equipped with sump pumps located in the crawl space to help keep

them drier.

7. Who do I call when something in my house needs to be fixed?

Over the years a number of different subcontractors worked on the houses so it would be hard to make a list. At some point we hope to have a list of the various different services and repair people listed on the website. In the meantime you can send out an email asking for a referral or asking a question and probably get some neighbor to respond.


1. Why do we have property management?

During the seven years Renaissance Homes was still building homes they employed The Management Trust property management company to handle collection of HOA dues, all of the day to day supervision of vendors (like landscape company, pool oversight) , payment of bills, oversight of the reserve fund, and first contact for enforce the CC&Rs.

2. Why do we still have a property management company?

Most HOAs continue to have a property management company to collect dues, pay vendors, and assist with day to day operations of the community and to assist in making sure that the HOA is complying with State regulations as they change. However, the Board of Directors and other volunteers have taken responsibility for much of the day to day operation of the HOA.

3. Who should I call?

For questions about landscaping, pool, architectural changes, and other rules and regulations first contact one of the Board members.

For questions about paying your dues or your account contact Management Trust.


1. Who sets the budget?

The budget is set by the Board of Directors with assistance from the Property Management.

2. What is covered by the budget?

The three largest expenses are the operation of the pool, landscaping, and property management. Internet service is $40/month.

3. What is the Reserve Fund?

State law requires a Reserve Fund dedicated to accumulating money necessary to cover long term expenses. Residents living on the small private streets pay an additional small amount. In addition to the monthly fees each home is assessed a Capital Contribution fee when the home is purchased.

4. Can any special or emergency assessment be imposed?

According to the CC&Rs that is a possibility. However, it is the goal the Board of Directors to manage funds in such a way that it would not be necessary to do this. CC&Rs are generic and cover developments such as condos and townhomes as well as homes. Because we each own our own homes and are responsible for them there is less shared risk. Hopefully nothing short of an earthquake could create emergency or unanticipated long term expenses.

5. Can I see the Budget?

Copies of the budget are sent to each homeowner after it is adopted.

6. Can I get information on income and expenses during the year?

Yes. Copies of reports can be obtained from the Treasurer.


1. When is the annual meeting? And what happens there?

The annual meeting is held in February or March of each year. Election for board positions are held at this meeting. Each position is for two years with the number of positions up each time staggered with one position open in even numbered years and two positions open in odd years. A quorum of at least 20% of the homeowners (each home has one vote) needs to be present or have submitted proxies.

2. Do I have to be present to vote?

No. You can either submit a proxy or delegate your vote to another member.

3. What other meetings take place?

Board meetings are held no less than three additional times during the year. Meeting times and places will be announced on the HOA website. Residents can also request to receive information by email. About one week before each meeting, signs will be placed throughout the neighborhood. Only Board members vote at these meetings. Homeowners may ask questions and comment on items on the agenda.


1. What should I do if I have a problem with a neighbor about noise, landscaping, etc.

You can first try talking to the neighbor about your concerns. If you can’t resolve the issue and it is something covered by CC&Rs, contact one of the Board Members.

2. How is it handled if a Homeowner isn’t following CC&Rs or paying their assessments?

There is an official policy of handling disputes that was enacted while Renaissance Homes was still in control of the HOA. It involves a series of notifications and allows for the assessment of penalties.

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