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HOA Vision, Mission and Strategy

On December 7th, 2016, the board adopted a vision and a mission for the association. The vision provides a clear long-term target while the mission acts as the engine. A long-term strategy will help the association execute on its mission to reach its vision. The use of goals, objectives, plans and reports will assist the association define a path with specific steps in moving forward.
Our vision
Rosemont Pointe is a respectful community with a desirable place to live offering the benefits of community, family and friends promoting improvement in our quality of life.
Our mission
Our mission is to enhance our quality of life and sense of community through effective and efficient management of our Association, fair enforcement of rules and covenants consistent with our CC&Rs, bylaws and laws to preserve property values and promote initiatives that benefit the greater good of our community.
Long term strategy - HOA members are customers
By viewing HOA members as customers, the board can develop policies that incorporate a service perspective that aims to understand, address and satisfy the needs of its members. There are five main services the HOA has for its members:
The pool is an important feature in our neighborhood. Enjoyment of the pool contributes significantly in building a sense of community, improving the quality of life and provides benefits of family and friends. The pool is a very important tool for the board to promote activities that gets the neighborhood closer to its vision.
Maintenance of common grounds
Common grounds are very visible. Having a community that looks good provides many benefits to members of our community and develops a sense of pride.
The trend is for the internet to play a more significant role in our lives as time goes by. Developing a strategic partnership is important to deliver this service in a way that contributes to improvements in the quality of life.
Association administration
It is important that the board has control and provides close supervision of tasks associated with the administration of the Association. Keeping neighbors informed will help to build a sense of community and our website is an excellent tool for communications.
Rules enforcement
The board has complete control of what can be done with common grounds. Individual properties are the responsibility of homeowners. It is necessary to develop clear enforcement processes that are very transparent to homeowners. The board must pay special attention to ensure that decisions made when enforcing rules are consistent with governing documents and laws.
There are many benefits to the community when all homeowners do not violate existing rules. When necessary, the board must follow our bylaws to amend rules to serve our community better.
Long term strategy - Vendors are partners
The board depends on vendors to deliver services to the Association. Homeowners are the recipients of those services. Vendors have a system to deliver those services and sometimes the needs of our community are not met. By developing a partnership, we can educate those vendors of our plans and needs so that they can be more effective in serving our community.
Implementing a reporting system within the Association will help supervise the way vendors deliver services to make sure that they are in accordance to Association plans.
Managing vendors well is critical for the board to deliver on its mission of effective and efficient management of the Association.
Long term strategy - Sense of community
A sense of community is developed when there is substantial positive interaction of homeowners. The pool is a critical asset in our neighborhood to promote such interaction. However, the pool is closed for a significant portion of the year. Promoting neighborhood traditions such as the 4th of July parade go a long way in shaping an identity as a community. We know that we have made significant progress when the majority of neighbors feel proud to be a part of this community.
Long term strategy - Member participation
The board has a leadership role in the community. Resources are very limited; the board has volunteers that are willing to devote time and energy but it needs the help from Association members as well.
Long term strategy - Planning for the future
Our vision is a long-term target and our mission is the engine to drive towards that target. Incorporating the formal use of goals, objectives, plans and reporting is critical for a successful organization.
Goals and objectives provide a path for the engine to move closer to the long-term target through time. Plans provide for a well thought out specific path to accomplish goals and objectives. Reports are essential for providing a written record of our history documenting where the Association excels and where it needs improvement. Using these tools, the Association can be more flexible to make necessary adjustments every year.
The board has members that serve for a period of time, using these tools enhances continuity and promotes effectiveness and efficiencies.
Without the use of these organizational tools, the risk of operating in reactive mode increase having the possible result of moving away from the long-term target producing undesirable consequences for the Association and its members.
Long term strategy - Protecting property values
The closer we get to the long-term target as defined in our vision, by making our neighborhood a desirable place to live that improves our quality of life with a strong sense of community could result in increasing the demand to move into our neighborhood. The stronger the demand, the higher the property prices will be.
In summary, the best strategy to protect property values is to execute well on our mission and reach the long-term target of our vision.
Developing a system where neighbors can participate in committees that have clear direction from the board, can be an effective way to encourage members to contribute towards making our neighborhood a desirable place to live. The diversity of experience of individuals can give the opportunity for participation and having a significant impact in improving our quality of life. Finally, significant contributions where members live can be a very rewarding experience providing opportunities to have stronger relationships between members.

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