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Did you know?

Applying sunscreen and then jumping into the pool causes a PH imbalance in the water and can cost extra $ to fix. Be sunscreen wise, re-apply every hour, but wait 10 minutes after applying for it to dry!

NOTICE: Do not let strangers into our community pool. The pool is paid for, and dedicated to the Rosemont Pointe neighborhood and their guests. Do not open the gate for strangers. Do not go to the pool without your key and ask someone to let you in! Don't be surprised or angered if someone doesn't let you in, or asks to see your key. They are just keeping us safe!

Please note that the current Pool Rules are under review by the pool committe and will be posted when completed.

Pool Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I access the pool?

You are issued a fob that will open the pool gate. Please add some type of identifier

to the chain so that if you accidentally leave it at the pool, we can send out an email

to let everyone know one has been found. It does not have to be identified with your


2. What should I do if someone asks me to let him or her into the pool?

Tell them you are sorry, but they have to use a fob to get into the pool. Also please

do not allow someone to follow you into let in -- or try to follow in while the gate is

open. Non Rosemont Pointe individuals and families have tried to gain access to our

pool in these ways.

3. How many pools are in the complex?

The only pool is located on Coho. The pool located on Ireland is a pool owned by a

private group of families who live elsewhere in West Linn. It was built long before our


4. Why do others at the pool ask me where I live?

A. - We’re a welcoming group and like to get to know our neighbors.

B. - Kids grow up in the year since we last saw them at the pool so we might not

recognize them.

5. If there is a problem at the pool whom do I call?

If it’s a medical emergency, there is a telephone on the pool house that can be

used -- in fact, that phone is for emergency use only.

If it’s an issue of behavior or someone not following the rules, call Sherri Agee. If she

isn’t available and it is urgent, call another Board Member.

If it’s a problem with the pool water, or mechanics, first call Sherri. If she is not

available, call Management Trust.

If there is anyone in the pool after hours (10pm), call the police.

6. Do I need to stay at the pool with my guests?

Yes - if you or any member of your family has a guest, an adult homeowner must be


7. Is there a lifeguard at the pool?

No - it’s an expense that the HOA cannot justify due to the irregular use of the pool.

8. Do I have to go with my child to the pool?

Yes - until your child is 14. However - rules state that if there are any guests to the

pool an adult homeowner needs to be present.

9. Can I have a party at the pool?

Technically yes - but the number of guests you may have at one time is one family

(total of 5 members of the family), or 3 guests so it’s a really small party

10. Are pool toys allowed?

Small toys are allowed. However, large flotation is no longer to be brought.

11. Can my infant go in the pool?

Yes, but until a child is completely potty trained they must wear special swim

diapers. If some kind of accident should occur, please notify Sherri and Property

Management right away.

12. What events can result in the pool being closed?

A) The pool has to be closed and treated if there is any fecal matter

B) If the pool water becomes cloudy and/or greenish, it has to be shocked with

chemicals. It will be closed until the chemical levels are in balance again.

13. What can I do to make sure the pool stays open?

Shower before you go in the pool to reduce lotions, sweat, perfumes, etc. all of which

come off in the water.

Apply sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before entering the pool. If you put it on and jump in,

you are not getting the protection you are expecting and it puts severe stress on

maintaining the balance of chemicals needed to keep the pool clear.

14. How often does the pool service come?

Currently twice a week. If it has to be increased to 3 times a week, it will increase the

cost to maintain the pool.

15. How often are the bathrooms cleaned?

A janitor service comes twice a week. Please be a good neighbor and keep it in

general good condition as well as monitor you children’s use of the bathroom.

16. Is there a lost and found?

No - please make sure to take home all clothing, towels, and toys.

17. Who cleans up the pool deck?

We are all responsible for keeping the area clean and neat. Please return chairs and

dispose of any garbage.

18. Are the other pool rules?

Yes - most are common sense. See the complete list posted on this website.

19. Is there wi-fi available?

Yes - Have you device scan for available wi-fi systems. Select Community. Use your

Fibersphere email address and password to log in.




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